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The light and sound bed audio tracks are binaural beat frequencies designed to center and balance your mind and body.

There are currently eight (8) audio tracks used with various Light Protocols.  These are discretionary based combinations used to supplement the Light Protocols and empower the individual participating in the session.

These Audio Tracks are Custom Tracks specifically designed for the Light and Sound Bed Sessions and are not available for personal use.  

TRACK 1: 528 HZ - DNA Repair - Solfeggio

TRACK 2: 528 HZ - Flute and Nature

TRACK 3: 933 HZ - Pineal Gland - Flute and Nature

TRACK 4: 7 Point Solfeggio

TRACK 5: 7.84 HZ - Earth Resonance

TRACK 6: 174 HZ Pain Relief

TRACK 7: 174 HZ Pain Relief

TRACK 8: 528 HZ DNA Repair

Binaural frequencies play one frequency for the left side and another for the right side.   The difference between the right and left is what the brain hears and this difference is what is used to induce an altered state.

Free Solfeggio Tones
Source Vibrations offer Solfeggio tracks for personal use.