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Immune System Enhancement

Light and Sound Integration Therapy (LSIT) merges 16 colors of LED light with Solfeggio Frequencies to create an illuminated body, caressed in therapeutic vibrations.

The light stimulates the photo-receptors in the cells to awaken and rejuvenate the body.  The photo-stimulation of the mitochondria, the power center of the cell, increases the production of ATP which "resets" the cell to the original identity so it can perform the specified task or function.

The Sound imparts binaural, Solfeggio Frequencies used to center the mind and promote a state of balance and well being.  This state enhances the ability of the body to become more receptive to the light stimulation which assists the rejuvenation process.

Subtle vibrations are physically passed through the Light and Sound Bed into the body, which produce a calming and relaxation.

When a state of balance is achieved, there is a moment of stillness where realizations may occur and one may experience insights into new ways to achieve a more conscious state of being.

The body heals on its own when it is in harmony.   Committing to eating a proper diet, along with a reasonable amount of physical activity, is a good start.  This enhances and empowers the natural immune system to fight intruders and maintain the body in good health.  Please note, repairs to the body require the proper raw materials and a good diet is essential.

Earthwalker Institute promotes Immune System Enhancement to empower the natural healing of physical injuries and conditions.

These sessions are not a substitution for proper medical treatment of conditions or injuries.  Seek proper medical attention as may be required. 

These sessions are considered complementary in nature and are designed to facilitate enhanced healing and recovery by promoting Immune System Enhancement along with proper nutritional support.

Transplant recipients must consult with their medical professional before being accepted as a candidate for Light and Sound Integration Therapy.

Light and Sound Bed
There are seven (7) illumination Zones of the body.  Light of a specific color is directed to each zone as specified by a protocol. 

A protocol addresses conditions of the body and assigns colors to appropriate zones for a specified amount of time.  Once the session is completed, a minimum of 4 hours is required between sessions.
Speakers under the head of the bed and transducers along the sides emit therapeutic Solfeggio Frequencies in the form of binaural sound and subtle vibrations.

Each Light and Sound Bed Session is approximately 30 minutes.  Additional time may be required  to stimulate localized areas using other light and sound instruments.  The complete session is approximately 1 hour.

It is suggested that one wear very thin, lightweight clothing to achieve the optimum light transmission through your clothes, to the body, for a more productive session.  

Thin darker materials are preferred over lighter colors due to the reflective properties of the lighter colors.

Technical Information

There are two illumination sources used
in Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT).  These energy sources are the LED monochromatic light (preferred therapy) and the Cold LASER, a coherent light , non-burning, non-focused light.   

The Light and Sound Bed uses LED light only.  This light is safe and is projected at wide angles rather than focused into a smaller spot.

LED Light is the Predominate Energy Source used for Light Therapy at Earthwalker Institute.

The Light and Sound Bed sound system is capable of 40 Watts RMS, but is used at one half power for maximum comfort and effectiveness.