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Low Level Light Therapy Books
These books are filled with a mountain of information on Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT), LED and Laser Applications that can be administered on your own.  
Detailed Steps
This book explains how to use a 5mW, 650nm (red) laser pointer to enhance your health. Forty (40) protocols are included in this book for you to explore.
Diet, Yoga, Light
Stanley Burroughs brings to light the balancing act between food, body and light stimulation.
Giving The Body The Raw Materials
The body needs the raw materials to be able to maintain and repair your systems.  Learn how to tastefully give your body the raw materials to complete the job.   
Vegan Chef
Taste is important to all of us and eating healthy is the icing on the cake and yes, Tess can also help you with baking vegan cakes.
The delicious way to lose weight, gain energy, and reset your cravings in just two weeks! Includes complete program, over 80 recipes, and success stories.